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Bill Blades, CMC, CPS
5405 South Abbey
Mesa, Arizona 85212

Telephone: (480) 556-1467

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When organizations want a hard-hitting seminar or results-driven consulting on sales, sales management, marketing, leadership, corporate culture and teamwork, they contact Bill Blades.


Please take a few minutes to read what Bill does and how he can help your organization go for greatness.

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Leadership Defined

by William Blades, CMC, CPS

Everyone knows that quality leadership is an important part of every successful business. A good leader can drive an organization to ultimate success, while a bad leader can potentially run a business into the ground. But what exactly makes one leader better than another? That question is extremely difficult to answer, as a good leader seems to possess a varied combination of traits, rather than a carbon copy of one specific personality type.            
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Why Do We Make Change So Hard?

by William Blades, CMC, CPS

Leaders take organizations to a height that, at one time, seemed almost impossible.


That's what leaders are supposed to do.   They must market and sell change so that their people see it, understand the need for it - and want it.   Will there be some pain and fear involved?   More than likely, so don't soft-soap it.   However, I suggest you relate to them what real fear is.   Real fear is consuming two cups of coffee and two bran muffins and getting stuck in traffic.           
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"Slice it, Dice it, It's all About Success…Cutting Edge Sales"

The year 2004 is over which brings me to two questions: what have you done in a newer and better way into the new year and what exciting objectives will you execute during the remainder of the year? If you must pause to answer these questions, it may be a long year.
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In Sales, it's all About Accountability

One of the biggest challenges to overcome, for boosting a salesperson's and sales team's effectiveness is to avoid drift…and you accomplish that by way of accountability.
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Testimonial Excerpts:



"You were a hit! Everyone was excited and to please everyone is always a difficult task, but you managed to do so."

National Renderers Association, Inc., Falls Church, Virginia


"You did it Bill...you presented our members with a golden performance at last weeks 50th Annual Meeting."

NBFA, Alexandria, Virginia


"Your enthusiastic delivery kept everyone glued to your presentation . . . Our 26 attendees rated you a 10 - the highest level for exceeding their expectations."

Wholesale Distributors Association, Dallas, Texas

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