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Bill Blades, CMC, CPS
5405 South Abbey
Mesa, Arizona 85212

Telephone: (480) 556-1467

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Professional Services

How many times have you listened to a speaker and left the meeting without any idea of how to put what you heard into action?

Communicating without understanding the audience or it's need for specific outcomes and action plans is entertaining but useless. If a speaker is to be really valuable, he won't spend his time telling you how he did it, he'll translate the steps into action plans centered around his audience.

I have spent my entire career learning the needs of the industries with which I associate. I learn the nuances and the level of competition and I teach direct, hard-hitting techniques that make winners every time. Your group will be energized because I make learning fun. Don't doubt me. I have proof. I have a lineup of winners across the country who write, call, visit and refer me. Please read what they have to say and then let's talk about what I can do for you and your group.

Testimonial Excerpts:


"You were a hit! Everyone was excited and to please everyone is always a difficult task, but you managed to do so."

National Renderers Association, Inc., Falls Church, Virginia


"You did it Bill...you presented our members with a golden performance at last weeks 50th Annual Meeting."

NBFA, Alexandria, Virginia


"Your enthusiastic delivery kept everyone glued to your presentation . . . Our 26 attendees rated you a 10 - the highest level for exceeding their expectations."

Wholesale Distributors Association, Dallas, Texas



Speaking/Consulting Services 

  1. Coaching for Executives and Sales Managers
  2. 1 on 1's with Personality Profile by Profession (DISC)
  3. Sales Training and Education
  4. Management Education
  5. Sales and Marketing Action Plans
  6. Goals/Objectives/Focus/Accountability
  7. Time Utilization
  8. Field Training
  9. Creative Ways to Deliver Value
  10. Position Description/Measurement/Compensation
  11. Change
  12. Interviewing and Selecting
  13. Culture and Teamwork
  14. Making It Fun
  15. Speaking/Consulting for Your Clients
  16. Motivation
  17. Communications
  18. Productivity
  19. Interim Executive
  20. More Based on Needs
  21. Mentoring
  22. Succession Planning
  23. Field Coaching



The Mark of Excellence

  • When selecting a management consultant, executives and managers are well advised to seek individuals who meet the profession's standards of competence and ethics.  The CMC designation is a valuable aid in the quest.  Certification by the Institute of Management Consultants is the mark of excellence among management consulting professionals.
  • Bill is one of only 16 Certified Management Consultants internationally who speaks and consults with clients in the area of sales m anagement.  Certification is earned through the Institute of Management Consultants.

Excerpts from Consulting Clients Testimonials:

"it is difficult to quantify the full impact that Bill Blades can have on an organization. Suffice it to say that it is substantial"

"Bill was brought in because our management could see challenges coming that could only be met by our best efforts. It is hard to imagine that any one individual could have such a tremendous and positive impact on our company as Bill Blades has. He has challenged us, broadened our outlook, and helped us unite our organization behind a solid business plan."
Mid-Am Building Supply, Inc., Moberly, Missouri

"Our managers and sales people learned and successfully tested new techniques after their first session with Bill. Followups included Bill visiting clients with our sales people and closing sales!... Call him - he is literally worth $ millions in sales to any company"
Jager Building Systems, Inc., Calgary, Alberta, Canada

"We used Bill to train our salespeople. He traveled to numerous accounts with them, several of which had been buying very little. Many of these are now solid producing accounts... Our company had a 26% jump in sales last year. This year, to date, we are running 35% ahead of last year. I strongly feel Bill and the consulting work he did for our organization helped light this fire!"
DW Distribution, Dallas, Texas


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