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Bill Blades, CMC, CPS
5405 South Abbey
Mesa, Arizona 85212

Telephone: (480) 556-1467

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About Bill Blades


Now you're asking, "Who is this guy?" I'm a businessman who has the opportunity to walk what I talk and come away with the skill to teach what I have learned in a simple-to-understand format. My career has included:


  • At the age of 22, Bill served as plant manager for a major manufacturing firm while a full-time college student.
  • While serving as vice president of sales & marketing for a food manufacturing concern, he increased sales 150% from $13 million to $33 million in only four years and revenues were annualized at $60 million upon his departure in year five. During this same period the sales personnel was reduced by 20%. His firm was named Small Business of the Year and was always the top marketing firm in their industry annually.
  • Served as Finance Chairman for the Speaker of the House in the United States Congress.
  • Bill is author of the best seller, Selling: The Mother of all Enterprise, as well as featured with the attorney, F. Lee Bailey, in the book Leadership Strategists.  He also has co-authored Break-out Creativity, Marketing for People Not in Marketing, and Celebrate Selling.
  • Served as Chairman of the National Speakers Association's Sales Professional Emphasis Group and Chairman for the Institute of Management Consultants' Marketing Special Interest Group.  He is the only speaker and consultant in history to chair both groups.
  • He has served on the faculties of The Graduate School of Banking of the South, College of Estate Planning Attorneys, National Association of Sales Professionals and lectures at universities including American Graduate School of International Management, the #1 rated international graduate school in the U.S.
  • Bill is 1 of only 16 Certified Management Consultants internationally who speaks and consults with clients in the areas of sales management.
  • Served as President of IMC's Arizona Chapter.


By now I hope you're wondering exactly what subjects I speak on. I adapt my training, keynotes, and seminars to your specific needs. What follows is a list of my most popular topics for your consideration:



Re-Energizing the Organization for Greatness


Completely Custom Targeted


This is a blend of topics designed to meet your specific needs and can include: sales, leadership, internal and external service and corporate culture.



Power up the Corporation


Creating a Culture of Greatness


This program will help you define the key actions which will change the fundamental personality of your group and infuse new-found excitement about your mission.



Selling - Being Different Makes the Difference


200 Little Things That Create Big Successes


This seminar is loaded with hard core business  skills. No power closes or gimmicks - just skills that produce more business.



Selling - It's a Whole Brainer


Learning to Use the Creative Side of Your Brain


Learn to blend the creative side of your brain with the logical side to sell your products or ideas.



Stand Out or Sit Down


World Class Customer Service



Leaders Dream, Plan and Do


Preparing for Proactive Leadership


This program will help your managers boost productivity while building teamwork and enthusiasm.


Recruiting, Training and Retaining a Great Group


Ideas to help you gain a superior edge through your greatest assets.

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