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Why Do We Make Change So Hard?

Leaders take organizations to a height that, at one time, seemed almost impossible.


That's what leaders are supposed to do. They must market and sell change so that their people see it, understand the need for it - and want it. Will there be some pain and fear involved? More than likely, so don't soft-soap it. However, I suggest you relate to them what real fear is. Real fear is consuming two cups of coffee and two bran muffins and getting stuck in traffic. Starbucks fans will understand the logic.


I don't worry so much about the big boxes gaining market share from my smaller clients. I worry about my clients not getting out of their small box. Attitude about change beats aptitude without change almost every time.


Thoughts about change:


  1. Do I understand that I have to go through a process of unlearning? We have picked up skills, habits and traits that we need to get rid of. We may need a new role model, you may need to read more and you must be more aware of needed improvements.
  2. Do my people/clients see me as unique? Ever notice that when we ask for an appointment or schedule a meeting, we do so, for example, at "8:00" or "8:30?" Why not 8:17? Uniqueness starts with little things such as this. Be distinct or be extinct.
  3. When you say you bring added-value, is it really true? Do you have a service that no one else offers? Shipping on time is not added-value. Providing training and education for your clients is over-the-top added value. Whatever the services - make it unique and valuable.
  4. Am I not only liked, but also trusted and respected?   For things to change, we have to change us. If anyone on your management team is not trusted, you must act. If anyone on your sales team is not respected, you must act. Greatness is not thinking less of yourself; it is thinking of yourself less.
  5. Am I truly wide open to change? We change jobs, spouses and friends, but what have I changed? Do you need to listen better? Be more creative? Manage time better? It could be more than one area that needs to be bolstered. It's never too late to revise, and revitalize yourself.


Being efficient means you do get the job done as you are. Being effective means that you get better results because you are so much better than most people. Learn more every year knowing you must because in 5 years, much of that knowledge will be obsolete.


Methods to help you love, or at least cope, with change include:


  1. Understand that you are here to bring value to both your employer and your clients. You can not do so if you are not seeking out better ways to do what you do. Think of yourself less and more of others.
  2. Know that life gets better when you get better. Be a student of the basic things you are involved with including reading articles and books on how to embrace change. Don't let your mind be like concrete - thoroughly mixed up and set.
  3. Realize that when the medical field tells you to utilize the organ or lose it, they might be talking to the one above your neck. It determines your attitude and emotional equivalency.
  4. Stay away from the "Neggies" - the ones who like to doodle with the strudel in your noodle. It will serve you better to hang around those who are passionate about their calling in life.
  5. Don't be afraid to fail. Rather, fail more than ever before.    It will mean you are doing more new things and growing. Ponder this: if a book about failure doesn't sell, is it a success?


Afraid of change? Don't be. Almost everything new and different is accomplished by someone being scared. Imagine the person who decided he would try to drink from those dangling things from under a cow? The rewards outweighed the fear.

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