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If You Want To Sell and Lead With Gusto.


Who wants to be thought of as boring?


And yet, most sales people are boring. Most business telephone calls are boring. Even business letters are boring. Be anything but boring!


Be CRAZEE - a word I've coined to emphasize the traits that set leaders and sales people apart from the pack.


C. . . for creativity. You can write with one hand or hop on one leg, but you have to engage both sides of your brain to sell with gusto.

    Both sides? Yes, the left side is where the logical communications take place. Speaking and listening with only the left side, or logical side, of the brain makes Jack a dull boy. The right side is where creativity resides. Almost one-half of all men and the majority of women use the right side of their brain (the creative side) more than the left side (logical) when it is time to make a decision. The trick is to use both sides of your brain when you're trying to sell an idea, product or service, and you will almost always send your message home. Sell with all logic or all creativity and the chances are high you will miss the mark.


R. . . for regimen. A very small percentage of all sales people have a regimen to be proud of. This small percentage has identified the clients they want to obtain for the year. They have laid out a concrete plan to obtain between 70 - 90% of those identified. The plan may include up to 25 specific things they are going to do to take the business away from a competitor. And, they set deadline dates for all 25 specific actions. That's regimen.


A. . . is for ambition. Most of the sales and management personnel I have known over the years worked hard to very hard. The problem is, however, many seem to settle into a routine and become

stagnant. Doing the same not-so-productive activities time and time again.

    Do you know someone who seems old at 40? How about old at 30? I see it often. They lacked fire and determination - they've settled in. They have stopped their self-improvement program. If you're a manager...don't settle in. Your own ambition and fire will shine on your face and it will encourage others to exhibit the same behaviors. You set the tone -- and others will follow.


Z. . . is for zany. Being zany is similar to being creative, only more so.


    Being zany is the ability to do unusual and even silly things by design, and win loyalty or more business because people enjoy working with people who are fun to be with. Adding a touch of zaniness makes you more memorable than the average person. Remember, when you're average, you're just as close to the bottom as you are to the top. Whether you sell doors, chickens, trucks or aircraft engines, being "off the wall" occasionally beats any dull routine. What is the one zany thing you did today? Yesterday? What three zany things did you do last week? What zany things are you going to do next week? Can't think of any? Then you are stuck!


EE ... is for emotional equivalent. I consider EE much more important than IE (intellectual excellence). Emotional equivalent is your attitude about who you are, who you want to become, who you seek to emulate, what you want to contribute in personal relationships and what you see as life's challenges.

    Some people are self-serving while others seek out ways to serve. Some take and some give. Some think of selling things for money while others just love what they do, knowing that the money will follow. EE can be taught and learned. It can be enhanced just as an IE can be.


I believe CRAZEE is an acronym for a well-balanced business person because CRAZEE works everywhere.


Think not? Then just stack the deck with NON-CRAZEE individuals and here's what you get:


    NON-C: "No, that will never work here."


    NON-R: "I don't have enough time to do that."


    NON-A: "That's not my job."


    NON-Z: "You think that's funny?"


    NON-EE: "Everyone here is a jerk (except me)."


Crazy to write about CRAZEE? I don't think so.

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